La manchuela conquense

This tour allows travelers to discover the splendid natural landscapes that are enclosed in the region of La Mancha, the Marquis of Villena, Three strengths of great interest as Garcimunoz Castle, Castle of Alarcón, and between the valley of the Gorges Cabriel and Contreras River Reservoir, Castle Enguídanos, we plotted a course in which we find the place where the famous poet died Jorge Manrique.

Castle Garcimunoz

  • Surprised its balanced proportions, powerful towers and above all, the beautiful Renaissance main portal.
  • The castle consists of a square body with very strong and reinforced walls, flanked by thick circular towers and wide platforms to place the guns.
  • In the seventeenth century was built on its premises the parish church, its square tower enrolling in one of the hubs of the wall.
  • One of the historical events that occurred and remembered fondly in the village is killed in action in 1479 the famous poet Jorge Manrique, Isabella server, and that he had prepared an ambush led by Don Juan Pacheco, Marquis of Villena, Mr. Castle and supporter of Juana la Beltraneja.
  • It is a castle in transition, medieval and modern defensive elements, and elements of palatial residence.
  • Abandoned in previous centuries was a cemetery and inside the parish church of San Juan is located.


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Authentic medieval fortress whose foundation to King Alfonso VIII is attributed, according to the Chronicle of King Wise, in the twelfth century. Later, during the Renaissance, was renovated by the Infante Don Juan Manuel and the Marquis de Villena, especially.
Meanwhile, the Castle has a square, surrounded by a double defensive enclosure, which include the Tower of Homage, aspect Renaissance, topped with battlements arrowhead.
This is generally an irregular fortification, high-volume, bound by the very stone to the rest of the walls and fortifications of the city, together constituting the basis of whole defensive system Alarcón.
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Many are the stories that surround the Castle. It was  witnessed major battles  between the Catholic Monarchs and the Marquis de Villena, struggling to reduce the privileges of the nobility. Here,  the Infante Don Juan Manuel , lord of the town,  wrote  much of his work, including the most famous of which,  The Count, .
PeriodoSiglo XII-XV Style Artistic Renaissance Environment Alarcón is an impressive medieval population structure, well-preserved and is an extraordinary set, which include, among other buildings, the Church and the Castle.